PrismCubed 5.1

Create PDF Reports or any other business intelligence solution
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PrismCubed is an integrated PDF Report Software, allowing its users to quickly and easily create PDF Reports or any other business intelligence solution, over your Business data. PrismCubed's intutive interface requires no prior programming experience or any database know-how. With PrismCubed, you will have your first PDF Report ready in a matter of hours. Powered by ElastiCube in-memory technology, PrismCubed handles data of any size on modest hardware configurations. No costly data warehouse projects or complex OLAP cubes to deal with.
PrismCubed is quick and easy to use and requires no programming, scripting, database know-how or OLAP investment. It is based on in-memory columnar storage technology, leveraging today's technology for better, faster and more affordable BI. SiSense's vision is to bring enterprise-like robust business intelligence to smaller companies without draining their resources.

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